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Meet the CEO Videos is a marketing outreach and public relations program designed to connect featured companies with business and financial leaders, potential customers, and potential industry and strategic partners. While some featured companies may also have financial objectives, Meet the CEO Videos is not an investment nor a financial website, other than featuring selected companies that have crowdfunding initiatives underway (See below).  For specifics of the Meet the CEO Marketing Outreach Program, click here


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Specific disclosure regarding Crowdfunding Insider

Crowdfunding Insider at Meet the CEO Videos features interviews with management of companies who currently have crowdfunding programs underway.  All these companies have a Crowdfunidng Portal and have their Form C filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


Crowdfunding Insider, Meet the CEO Videos and FC Global Strategies LLC (“Sponsor”) are not U.S. Securities Dealers, Brokers, U.S. Investment Adviser, nor sponsors of a crowdfunding portal. 


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