Our Targeting and Industry Focus

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Complementing the power of a Meet the CEO video interview is our powerful marketing, outreach, and media strategy for the video.

Key to the distribution  plan for a Meet the CEO Videos is our understanding  your business and its business and financial objectives.

Whether you're interested in targeting specific categories of industry-specific decision-makers or targeted consumers, we utilize our databases to target the optimal distribution of your Meet the CEO Video.  

Our Industry Focus

While Meet the CEO Videos are beneficial for companies in all industries, we have specific expertise and hands-on experience with the following industries:

  • Alternative energy (Click here)

  • Biotech and pharmaceuticals

  • "Brick and Mortar" retail

  • Business Services

  • Healthcare technologies and services 

  • Information security and cybersecurity (Click Here)

  • Internet of Things (IOT) (Click here)

  • Medical devices (Click here)

  • Oil and gas

  • E-commerce and online retail

  • Product manufacturers and distributors

  • Non-US companies seeking American partners for manufacturing, marketing, distribution, or sale.

  • Information technology

  • Service businesses

  • Franchisors

  • Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD (Click here)

  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs)