What Are Meet the CEO Videos?

Over the past decades, video has become increasingly powerful as a way to gain exposure for companies of all sizes.

Covid-19 has disrupted business, marketing, and connecting with potential customers, and partners. Covid-19 has forced millions of Americans to work at home with plenty of time to watch online videos. 

All of these factors have led to the viewing of online videos of all types to skyrocket.


Meet the CEO Videos provide an opportunity for your management, whether you're a start-up, early-stage, growing, and middle-market companies to obtain targeted exposure to key business and financial leaders, "key opinion leaders," potential customers and strategic or financial partners through the power of a Meet the CEO VIdeo interview.

While the Meet the CEO Video interview is itself powerful, of equal  importance is our targeted distribution of the interview. 


Meet the CEO Videos, using the latest in technology, coupled with our proprietary email and online distribution, enables companies of all sizes to connect with potential customers, strategic partners, and business and financial leaders. 

Marketing Outreach Using a Meet the CEO Video

A Marketing Outreach Program for companies of all sizes interested in using the impact of a video interview to reach targeted professionals, business owners, potential customers, and potential strategic partners. ​


The Meet the CEO Video marketing outreach program consists of:



  • The video is posted at the Meet the CEO Videos website and YouTube.  

  • The video is emailed to 15,000+ individuals on FC Global’s proprietary mailing list, twice a week over a three week period,  once typically during the week, and once during the weekend.   


  • The video is also posted to targeted social media members, which depending on the industry and objectives typically ranges from 200,000 to 1,000,000 members.  


  • The video can also be posted to your company’s website, distributed your email mailing lists of customers, potential customers, and contacts, and used by your company for other business and corporate purposes.